magnacleanse 3Symptoms


  • The boiler or pump is noisy
  • Reduced hot water temperature
  • Combi boiler has a blocked heat exchanger or boiler overheats or shuts off when hot water is needed
  • The radiators have cold spots or not working
  • It takes ages for the system to warm up
  • Radiators need regular bleeding of accumulated air
  • Evidence of sludge and rust in the system
  • Pump failures

If your system has one or more of the above, then it may require a power flush. But remember it will only cure corrosion related problems. It will not solve any problems arising from faulty components, design or installation faults

magnacleanseWhy Powerflush?

  • To improve radiator performance and heat output
  • To extend the life of the boiler
  • To avoid costly repairs, breakdowns and call-out charges
  • To validate the boiler warranty
  • To reduce fuel bills and save money


  • We offer a free thermal imaging service to show our customers the heat being produced by your radiators and how powerflushing will benefit
  • Powerflushing is the fastest, most efficient and effective method of cleaning a central heating system. The principle is to create a powerful fresh water flow under controlled conditions to agitate and remove debris from the system. That is why we use the Fernox Powerflow pump which can deliver exceptional flow rates without damaging your heating system. Our machine also has a reverse flow action to ensure maximum effect. We also use specialised water treatment cleaning chemicals to ensure the system is cleaned to optimum levels.
  • We can also use a Magnacleanse machine in conjunction with the pump if required. This high powered twin magnetic device removes even the smallest particles and debris from your heating system during the power flushing process.
  • We can apply a high frequency vibration to clogged up radiators, which loosens deposits for easy power flush removal.
  • The engineer will add a corrosion inhibitor to protect your central heating system in future years. It will prevent internal corrosion and deterioration, sludge formation and scale deposition.
  • A water sample is taken from the heating system before and after the procedure, to show our customers exactly what they are paying for.
  • A certificate is issued

Power Flushing Costs:

1-5 Radiators = £295

6-8 Radiators = £350 

8-10 Radiators = £400 

11-13 Radiators = £450 

14+Radiators = POA

Includes flushing chemicals such as Sentinel X800 or Fernox F5

Includes anti corrosive inhibitor such as Sentinel X100 or Fernox F1