Homebuyers Report

After a  property survey or homebuyers report has been carried out, most surveyors and solicitors will advise their clients to have the gas appliances, or the plumbing and heating installations tested prior to purchasing a property. This will not only help the buyer make an informed decision, but if any defects are discovered the purchaser can be aware of the estimated cost of any repairs. It may also help the purchaser budget effectively for any necessary work that is required, and possibly negotiate a lower purchase price. This is why it is a good idea to have an expert opinion on hand to let you know exactly what you are getting when considering buying a new home.
Our engineers are qualified to carry out gas safety inspections and certification for home owners and prospective purchasers.

We can offer 3 levels of inspection – Silver, Gold, Platinum – including plumbing systems, heating systems, gas appliances, gas meter and visible pipe-work to confirm compliance with regulations and safe operation.
We can also advise you of any pre-existing or potential problems . Our homebuyers report will not only give you peace of mind but a detailed summary of the installation of the property.

 Prices From:£189£249£299
Record the date the appliances were examined
Record description and location of the appliances and flues
Recognition and recording of any defects
An honest and independent assessment
Provide estimated cost of rectifying any defects
Recommendations for work currently required and anticipated to be required in the future with estimated costs
Check appliances operation, heat input , operating pressure & combustion analysis where possible
Check gas appliances are safe to use
Check adequate ventilation for appliances where required
Visual examination of the flue system where possible
Where applicable, check results of a flue flow & flue spillage test
Provide results of gas appliance combustion analysis where applicable
Visual examination of gas appliances where possible
Check gas appliances meets current standards
Test gas pipe-work for leaks
Visual examination of gas meter & visible gas pipe-work
Check heating system water is satisfactory where possible
Visual examination of heating system visible pipe-work and valves
Visual examination & operation of radiators and valves
Visual examination of plumbing system visible pipe-work and valves
Where applicable, visual examination of hot water cylinder
Where applicable, visual examination of water storage tanks
Visual examination of sanitary-ware
Visual examination & operation of taps

We will email you a digitally generated homebuyers report usually with 72 hours of carrying out the survey.