The Environment

We are all aware of the damage that has already been done to our planet and environment. As a company we endeavour to remain environmentally conscious, and do our best to encourage and install energy efficient products wherever possible.

Using leading industry manufacturers and the Energy Savings Trust recommendations, we can advise our customers how to maximise the energy efficiency of your plumbing and heating system by way of controls, thermostats, valves, weather compensation and high efficiency boilers.


We will demonstrate the potential savings to customers and highlight how they can cut their fuel bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

We also aim to recycle any waste after an installation or repair. All packaging should be seen as a resource and not something to be thrown away. It is the responsibility of all of us – both in industry and the general public.

We offer invoicing and certification via email to our customers to eliminate paper usage

As a company, we are doing our bit by reducing the burden on landfills and increasing the conversion of waste into new resources.